Sonic Walker, Public Sound Work, Melbourne, 2017

SEPT 22nd - 29th - SONIC WALKER, If the City Could Speak, Melbourne - Public Sound Work

The City of Melbourne’s 24-hour pedestrian counting system measures the daily activity of pedestrians. Updated hourly, the data captured by thirty-five of the forty sensors installed around Melbourne’s CBD is sonified in real time. What does it mean to have our daily footsteps counted in the urban terrain of a ‘smart city’?

Soft Centre Festival, 2017

SEPT 23rd - SOFT CENTRE FESTIVAL Casula Powerhouse, Sydney - live performance

Traced Album Cover, Sonic Pieces, 2017


Boomkat review for my new album - In Traced, Guffond takes the textural and spatially sensitive ambient aesthetics of her previous LP, the acclaimed Yellow Bell, into palpably more paranoid and unnerving headspaces, using her filigree appreciation of electro-acoustic dynamics to convey that feeling with a subtlety which will surely resonate with anyone aware of digital surveillance technology’s transition from peripheral creep to a near ubiquitous presence.

Australia Tour, 2017

JULY 8th - HEROINES OF SOUND FESTIVAL at Radial System Berlin. Live Visuals by Ilan Katin

Australia Tour, 2017

JUNE - On tour in Sydney and Melbourne with Jessica Ekomane and Silje Nes.

First Draft, 2017

Installing Composition for Wi-Fi, GPS, Architecture and People at First Draft, Sydney

First Draft, 2017

JUNE - UNTOLD STORIES group show at First Draft Gallery, Sydney with Jessica Ekomane and Silje Nes

MAY 10th - BROWSER DUO live performance at Black Box, UNSWAD, Sydney. Sonifying internet tracking cookies in real time with the Listening Back Chrome Browser Extension.

The Web Never Forgets, SNO, 2017

APRIL - THE WEB NEVER FORGETS - sound installation

Sydney Non Objective (SNO), Sydney

An immersive sound installation that exposes the proliferation of ubiquitous online surveillance via the real time sonification of internet tracking cookies. Named after the computer science term “magic cookie” internet cookies are commonly used for data profiling by advertising, corporations and governments, by placing a small file on the user’s computer. The relative invisibility of digital surveillance, and the proliferation of consumer modes of online surveillance has both intensified and rendered ambivalent our relationships to being surveyed. Sound provides a means for listening back to some of the imperceivable surveillance infrastructures that monitor our habitual online browsing.

Cementa Festival, 2017

APRIL 8th - Live Performance at CEMENTA FESTIVAL, Kandos

NOW NOW Festival, 2017

JANUARY 21st - Live performance at The NOW NOW FESTIVAL, Sydney


Exhibition, Degradation Loops, Sydney 2016


55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville, Sydney

A 16 day composition that gradually and completely bit crushes my 2015 Yellow Bell album. A process of sonic destruction unfolds in response to a group show where visual artists (Alex Gawronski, Jelena Telecki) destroy and reassemble their work, to create new work, and question the dominance of commercial imperatives within art.

NOVEMBER - Jasmine Guffond / Plurals split release on Beartown Records.

Glitch Festival, Leon, Mexico 2016

26th NOVEMBER - GLITCH FESTIVAL, León, Mexico. Live Visuals by Ilan Katin

Exhibition, Untold Stories, Berlin 2016


Composition for WiFi, GPS, Architecture, Furniture and People, explores sound as a method of socio-political investigation. Working with the properties of sound as a vibrational force WiFi and GPS networks are sonified into sub-frequencies specifically tuned to the room, thereby causing architecture and furniture to vibrate. By translating humanly imperceptible networks into the medium of sonic vibration, we are reminded that every object and every being, contains resonate frequencies that can be activated through sound.

Simultaneously used for global communication and surveillance, WiFi and GPS infrastructures inform our everyday experience by expanding our urban boundaries to the geopolitical and information channels of the world. Providing an audible presence for these otherwise intangible infrastructures allows for a direct sensory experience that encourages listening as a mode of examination.

Performance/Installation, Berlin 2016


An initiative of ZONA DYNAMIC, the FILTER - Sound Art Series is an edition of temporary collaborations between 2-3 artists focusing on conceptual, context-reflective artworks that intervene in temporary spaces.

FILTER V is an experiment dealing with the power dynamics inherent to surveillance states across both physical and digital domains. Focusing on the intangibility of monitoring and capture infrastructures embedded within the networks we connect to and communicate with everyday - how does this affect collective movement?

Realised as a participative performance and sound installation in collaboration with Liat Berdugo, Eliza Goldox and Holger Heissmeyer. In the guise of aerobic instructions, collective movement is tracked and the body is used as a point of analysis. Liat Berdugo's Unpatentable Multitouch Aerobics incorporates everyday gestures such as zooming, swiping and flicking, that our technological devices have taught us to do, commenting on the corporate reach into our homes, psyches and bodies. The captured data is translated into sonic rhythms, enabling a listening mode of examination and creating an ongoing ritual and soundscape.

Panel Discussion, Sydney 2016

14th MARCH - Ambush Gallery, Sydney

Panel discussion with Gudrun Gut, Brooke Olsen, Gail Priest about visibility of women in music and the arts. Hosted by the Goethe Institute.

Exhibition, Spektrum, Berlin 2016

25th January - Intangible Threat, a showcase by class Sound, Art and Technology-poiesis, UdK. Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel 2016 festival, Berlin

“Sound, Art and Technology-poiesis” is an artistic praxis course at UNI.K – Studio for Sound Art and Sound Research, Faculty of Music, Berlin University of the Arts. Led by Daisuke Ishida and sound artist Jasmine Guffond during the winter semester 2015/2016. Participants were encouraged to create a work investigating contemporary personal, social and political issues with a special focus on the intangibility of surveillance in the digital domain, through the use of the similarly ephemeral medium of sound.


Stray Landings interview, 2015

Interview with Stray Landings about music and recent projects.