2 Imacs / 7 MM4 speakers / 1 subwoofer / Listening Back Chrome Extension

Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, April 2017

Exhibition, SNO, Sydney, 2017

Exhibition, SNO, Sydney, 2017

An immersive sound installation that exposes the proliferation of ubiquitous online surveillance via the real time sonification of internet tracking cookies. Named after the computer science term “magic cookie” internet cookies are commonly used for data profiling by advertising, corporations and governments, by placing a small file on the user’s computer. The relative invisibility of digital surveillance, and the proliferation of consumer modes of online surveillance has both intensified and rendered ambivalent our relationships to being surveyed. Sound provides a means for listening back to some of the imperceivable surveillance infrastructures that monitor our habitual online browsing.

Exhibition, SNO, Sydney, 2017

The Web Never Forgets - Browser Duo (Jasmine Guffond & Emily Morandini) from Jasmine Guffond.

Listening Back chrome browser extension download

Concert, Audible Data Streams Festival, Berlin, 2017

Live performance at the Audible Data Streams Festival, Villa Elizabeth, Berlin 2017.
Laptop - Jasmine Guffond & Jessica Ekomane, Drums - Andrea Belfi & Jeremy Coubrough.

The composition, Listening Back consists of two components:
1. The sonification of internet cookies via digital waveform synthesis.
2. A log of the cookies’ activity that provides a score to be interpreted by the drummers.