Staubgold, 2011. LP/CD/DDL

Alphabet Dream Noise Album Cover, 2011

Jasmina Maschina - Scott Free from O&g&O&g on Vimeo.


'Dreamy, intelligently woven mixture of folk, ambient and electronica. The Australian Jasmine Guffond aka Jasmina Maschina floats light winged across music history and styles, her approach comparable with múm.' - De:Bug - Raabenstein - September 2011

'Jasmina Maschina is Australian Jasmine Guffond, and 'Alphabet Dream Noise' continues her voyage into shimmering avant pop territory after 2008's killer 'The Demolition Series'. Through noisy field recordings, chattering guitars and her own gorgeous vocals we are led on a journey that is neither pop music, rock or drone managing to emerge with a sound that defies easy classification. Gorgeous stuff' - Boomkat

I think once most people are done giving this album a spin, they’ll be awe-struck that this is a solo project. The music on Alphabet Dream Noise is nearly schizophrenic in nature, but in a way that comes off as completely harmonious. Two sides happily enveloped in one another. Its this strange marriage of sound that gives Jasmina Maschina an incredibly unique platform to stand from. Shes not only a talented vocalist and guitarist, but her electronic prowess is miles ahead of expectations. - Heathen Harvest Review